Personal Training and Coaching for Active Adults and Seniors


OWLS Mission

  • To teach safe & effective  exercise to a population who is underserved in the field of fitness.
  • To motivate our community through movement that optimizes mental and physical wellness.
  • To keep people healthy with exercise, the most potent medicine on earth.


Asheville OWLS Training is...

Supportive & Social
Approachable & Non-judgmental
Personal & Specialized
Intelligent & Thoughtful
Energizing & Restorative


Older, Wiser, and a Lot Stronger


The Focus of OWLS Training: to Build and Restore Muscle

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OWLS believes that optimum fitness and wellness spawn from the balance of 4 components: nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility, and strength training. The focus of OWLS lies primarily on the strength training component. Without strength training, muscles gradually become smaller and weaker. In fact, for each decade after the age of 25, 3 to 5% of muscle mass is lost in the average person. However, muscle reversibility is an astonishing principle. It demonstrates that muscle tissue has an amazing ability, at any age, to make relatively rapid changes in size and strength. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will use on a daily basis. Therefore, strength training is extremely important for weight management in addition to keeping your body strong.



If you are still concerned that advancing age will prevent you from getting stronger, consider the results from this 2009 Westcott study…

More than 1,700 men and women were divided into 3 groups and performed strength training regularly for 10 weeks. The younger adults (20 to 44 years old), middle-aged adults (45 to 64 years old), and older adults (65 to 80 years old) all gained lean muscle at approximately the same rate in this 10-week study. It would therefore appear that people of all ages respond favorably to progressive strength training exercise.


While restoring muscle and strength is the primary goal of your training, OWLS surpasses the basic “3 sets of 10 reps” method and approaches fitness in a more comprehensive manner by addressing these other key factors of fitness:

  • core strength (without crunches)
  • brain-stimulating movements which create new neural pathways, thus improving cognitive function
  • exercise that improves motor control, coordination, and balance
  • speed, power, and agility
  • mobility and stability 
  • cardiorespiratory endurance
  • individualized programming for maximum safely and effectiveness
  • healthy eating habit coaching to support your active life


Why OWLS...

The best reasons for exercising daily are obvious: look better, feel better, and reduce (or often eliminate) health problems. And are you familiar with some of the other physiologically-proven results that exercise provides? Here are some instant rewards and long-term benefits you can expect from training with Asheville OWLS:

  • help control blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • cut the risk for hardening of arteries, heart attack, and stroke

  • condition muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones to help fight osteoporosis and osteopenia

  • keep your body more limber and reduce joint pain

  • aid in management of arthritis, low-back pain, and diabetes

  • improve digestion and quality of sleep

  • help maintain your independence and reduce the risk of falls and injuries

  • help you manage stress

  • elevate mood and energy level

  • build muscle to boost metabolism