Leah is a very knowledgeable and caring trainer. I was impressed with her desire to help me understand and analyze my fitness priorities. She has been key to helping me meet my goals during my time with OWLS. The exercise and diet information and implementation schedule was well worth the expense of OWLS program. I highly recommend Leah and OWLS for any physical fitness and/or weight control planning you wish to achieve. She will help you get the results you want!!!!
— David Gantt, Asheville, NC

After inquiring about some shoulder mobility issues, Leah was prompt to get me scheduled. Communication was a priority and she far exceeded expectations. Leah’s approach was not just to my shoulder but whole body, to insure that the shoulder issue wasn’t being caused by something else. She was very attentive to my workout plan, and offered some awesome stretches - exercises that incorporated well to my current plan. The session went above and beyond; and Leah was a wonderful trainer. Two weeks out and the mobility issues and pain are completely gone. Highly recommend any services or classes she offers. 
— Jake, Asheville, age 30

I envision personal fitness as a platform with four legs: endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. Loss or weakness in any of these areas imperils the stability of overall fitness. A 45-60 minute training session with Leah addresses all of these essential points. She meticulously designs each training session to take into account one’s personal strengths and weaknesses. Her preparation is thorough and her instruction detailed and clear. I’ve now been training with Leah twice a week for six months, and I feel better—stronger and more stable—than I have felt in years. And, I’ve begun to garner unsolicited compliments: “Have you been on vacation?” “Have you lost weight?” “What’s your secret?” This all very nice, but the real reward is in how much healthier I feel. Oh, and did I mention that I’m 73?
— Iain Baird, Asheville, NC

It is so easy for me Beth Owens to give a glowing testimonial to Leah Brennan for her personal training skills! Next month I will only be 75 years young , & I’ve been weight training with Leah for a couple years now & I feel stronger & healthier for it. She makes getting fit Fun & Easy & Enjoyable by changing up the routine in every class. I can’t get enough of Leah’s guidance & training !
— Beth Owens, Fletcher, N.C.

Leah’s terrific. She listens hard to what you want to accomplish, specifically designs your plan, then works side by side to get results.
100% rating!
— James, Woodfin, NC

My husband and I have participated in several of Leah Brennan’s Group Fitness Sessions. Both of us have learned a lot about muscle groups, repetitive exercises, rest intervals and how to use about every machine at the large ARC gym. We feel we get a full body workout in every class and have added muscle and built strength. We are both in our 60’s and know that strength training is key to staying active, maintaining health and balance. Leah tailors her workout plan to our needs for every class. It is like having a personal trainer but lots more fun with our small group!
— Kim, Leicester, NC

Are you hesitant of taking the first step to feeling stronger and in balance? I have a suggestion. Take that step with Leah. I am 70 years old and have been training with Leah for 3+ years both privately and in classes. So take that first step and join in one of Leah’s classes. You will not regret it. We all had to take that step.
— Barb, Alexander, NC

I had been working out with Leah Brennan in classes for several years. She is a gentle, focused yet fun teacher.  Once she became a personal trainer, I hired Leah to help me build strength and balance as I age for 8 sessions.  She prepared a personalized workout schedule for me to follow at home.  Now, I am a participant in Asheville OWLS and it fits my style perfectly. 
I don’t love to workout, but I am committed to staying strong and healthy as I age.  Leah has a perfect balance of making the workouts fun, at the same time pushing me to the level to which I am capable.  I have no doubt that whatever level you are pursuing in your fitness – beginners, advanced, special injuries – Leah will help you go to the next level.  I’ve had a few personal trainers, but Leah is the only one that keeps me returning!
— Kelly, age 58, Weaverville, NC

At the age of 23 I took my first aerobic class. I am now 63 and have been an exercise enthusiast ever since—taking advantage of the wide range of options and classes. After training with Leah, I realized that my workout and habits needed to be adjusted to suit my age. She has helped me tremendously and the results speak for themselves. I feel much more flexible and stronger. Thank you, Leah for sharing all your knowledge and expertise with me.
— Pat, Weaverville, NC

I attended the Senior Small Group Training with Leah Brennan for over one year. I love the way that she pays attention to each single person in the group. Our training sessions never get boring with Leah; she manages to vary the exercises between different circuit trainings and the gym equipment. Additionally, Leah prepares print-outs that you can use later when you are on your own. I first attended her regular gym class and then added the group training. I feel it is also a great option to meet new people or exercise with a known partner. In closing, I like to state, that Leah is a very compassionate, thoughtful and experienced coach who tries to meet everybody’s need. She also makes sure we always have fun as well. So, come and join her!
— Sabine Carender February 2018